Cebu school trip 13







It's the 3rd day of the school trip. Today, we could start activities with all members.

When we left the hotel, we held a championship called "Let's make the room more beautiful than it was before we came!"

Everyone did their best to clean the rooms when we check out the hotel.

Today, we observed Tamiya Philippines Factory and made miniature race cars.

We surprised at their effort tot make precise miniature race cars by the company.

And we all struggled and finished to make race cars. We also held a race called "H2-1 Grandprix" later. 

From now, we are going to eat lunch and then go to the airport.

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The room of the winners of the championship called "Let's make the room more beautiful than it was before we came!" followed by the picture of the winners.

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These are how we observe Tamiya Philippines Factory.

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Everyone was into making miniature race cars.

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