Cebu school trip 12






We went to Caohagan Island.

Caohagan is well known as "The Island with Nothing, but rich senses of fulfillment.

After we arrived there, Mr. Sakiyama, the owner, gave a lecture for us and guided us around it.

Then we had lunch including crabs and fish and did snokeling and cultural exchange with elementary school students of the island.

It was a precious day for us with full of experiences that we normally cannot do in Manila.

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We read picture books to children and made accessories together.

And then, we played Hanaichimonme, a traditional play.

When we tried snokelling, we practiced in shallow water first.



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We donated badminton rackets, clothes that we collected from Arigatai Project and PTA.

We also donated some soccer uniforms that Mr. Arai gave us.

They will share them as Christmas presents next year.



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